Blow-by in BMW Petrol Injectors

Is your BMW currently finding it difficult to start? Is it not running as it should when you get it going? Are you constantly smelling unburnt fuel? If your vehicle is suffering from any of these symptoms, then your petrol injectors could be suffering from “blow-by”.

Also known as the “black death”, “blow-by” happens when the fuel injector doesn’t seal around the injector seat in the cylinder head, causing black tar to be seen around the injectors.

One problem that can occur in your BMW is a clogged fuel injector or a leaking injector. When your fuel injector gets blocked by dirt and debris build-up, it reduces fuel flow and prevents fuel from combusting correctly. Also, if the injector cannot shut off and then dribbles fuel into the cylinder, this will often cause several issues, changing how your BMW’s engine performs. We are starting to see the effects of petrol injectors begin to suffer from “blow-by”.

Faulty injectors may lead to the check engine light coming on, rough idle or misfire, reducing engine performance. It is also interesting to see how carboned the injector becomes, indicating that petrol engines are not as “clean” as led to believe.

The solution to fixing this problem lies with your injector seats, which will either need to be refaced or cut. However, that’s a harder job than it sounds. When you remove both the engine cowling and covers, you could be in for a shock with the amount of carbon that has built up, not to mention the blocked-up fuel injectors which we mentioned before.

If you suspect that your BMW’s engine has developed blow-by, then get in touch with United for a thorough analysis and repair and save yourself a lot of hassle at the hands of the “black death”. You can find more information on blow-by, the implications it poses and how it can be fixed via the guide on our website.


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