State-of-the-art workshop for testing and repairs

We provide professional, efficient and expert testing and restoration services. Using state-of-the-art technology (backed by our years of experience as a diesel injector specialist), we’re able to test and calibrate traditional, two-stage, Piezo common rail, diesel and petrol fuel injectors, high-pressure pumps and DPF filters. We know that when a part requires testing, repairing or cleaning, you need it to be resolved fast to reduce downtime as much as possible – and one thing we’re known for is our fast, efficient service.

Our dedicated workshop enables our passionate and highly experienced technicians to continue to learn and evolve in this ever-changing market. In addition, our workshop allows us to continue to invest in the latest equipment and technologies, ensuring our services are of the highest standard and accuracy – meaning our customers are always satisfied, 100% of the time.