Heui Injectors

Heui Injectors are now repaired at United Performance.

United Performance are very excited to announce that we can professionally and cost effectively repair your Cat Heui Injectors.

We help you save money as our repaired Heui Injectors are considerably more cost-effective than new units – or even O.E. exchange units.

All work is done inhouse allowing for a quick turnaround.

You can trust our repaired units:

  • As only high-quality proven parts are used in our repairs.
  • The most up to date repair tool kits and modern test equipment is used in our innovative and world class diesel fuel injection repair workshop.
  • Our staff are Internationally qualified technicians with over 40 years’ experience in the diesel fuel injection trade.

All work is guaranteed.

Free Pickup and delivery service within 40 miles from our Atcham Workshop.

What are the important things to look out for with Heui Fuel Injection Systems.

Contaminated diesel or engine oil is your enemy. As the Heui Injector system uses the engine oil (from the engine pan) to hydraulically actuate the high diesel pressures any contamination in the engine oil will cause the injectors to fail. Similarly, any contamination in the diesel fuel will cause seizure or excessive wear on the injector plungers and or injector nozzles.

So, keeping strictly to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is highly recommended and fitting good quality fuel and oil filters will prolong the life of the injectors and engine, and maintain optimal engine performance.

Use a high-quality engine oil, the oil in a HEUI injection system works harder than any other engine oil. Not only is it pressurized between 500 psi and 3,600 psi in the high-pressure circuit, but it is additionally responsible for lubricating and cooling the rest of the engine.

Heui injectors are regarded as older fuel injection systems, and the parts are now becoming scarce which increases the cost of repairs, so it is important to maintain clean diesel and clean engine oil.


How do you know when your Heui injectors need to be serviced?

  • The engine has lost power, noticeable when accelerating or climbing hills.
  • Faulty injectors can cause the engine to misfire.
  • Uneven engine idle or rough engine performance
  • Poor fuel economy, less miles per gallon of diesel.
  • Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust (refer to our article THE ANSWER IS IN THE SMOKE)
  • Strong smell of diesel in the cabin, caused by an externally leaking injector.


What are the signs when the internal injector O-rings are perished or damaged and need to be replaced.

  • There is engine oil in the diesel fuel, indicated by a black diesel fuel element.
  • Long cranking times before the engine starts.
  • Sluggish performance and engine power reduced.
  • Increased oil consumption.


Our team at United have excellent in-depth technical understanding when it comes to Heui injectors, downtime and fast turnaround. If you’re currently having any issues with your injectors, contact  our team at United to see how we can help.


Heui parts laid out ready for assembly.

Heui Injector parts laid out ready for assembly.

Heui Injector been calibrated on our approved dedicated Hartridge Test Bench

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