Diesel Injector Repairs

Not sure if the diesel injectors are faulty? Let us test them for you using the most up-to-date equipment. We’ll inform you of the test results and advise you on what would be the best course of action to take. You can trust us never to fail an injector without good reason.

Test reports are available before and after any diesel injector repair. New IMA (Injector Quantity Offset) codes will be issued, if applicable. Should the injectors be unrepairable, we can offer exchange units or the supply of new units.

Commercial Diesel Injector Repair | United

Accelerating Performance: Diesel Injector Specialists

We provide specialist repair services for diesel injectors and pumps for a wide range of engines. From cars and commercial fleet vehicles to agriculture/plant and marine; we’ll inspect your component to discover the issue and once diagnosed, we’ll offer a repair, exchange or a new component. What makes us different is if we know we can repair your fuel injector, this is always the first option we’ll give you.

We’ll never fail a part without good reason and if a repair can be completed, we’ll provide this service to you.

Not sure what the issue is with your diesel injector? We offer a free and efficient local collection and delivery service. We’ll collect your part, and in most cases, we can complete testing and have it back to you within 24 hours. For more information on our collection service and delivery radius, get in touch with us.

This service will help you…
  • Make an informed decision on the diagnostics of the engine
  • Save money, knowing that our repaired units are considerably more cost-effective than O.E exchange units – or even new units
  • Reduce the chances of vehicle breakdown/maintenance
  • Increase vehicle efficiency and performance
  • Reduce emission levels through the removal of fuel contaminants
  • Provide reports showing initial diagnostic and, if repaired, the final test – this is good for showing to your customers or insurance companies, where required
  • Have peace of mind knowing that all repairs come with a 12-month warranty

The importance of injector coding

With ever-increasing emissions legislations and a tightening of limits, vehicle manufacturers need a way to control the flow of fuel pressure and atomisation more accurately – this in turn will optimise the efficacy of the combustion process, controlling emissions within acceptable limits. Introducing – injector coding! Injector coding allows the ECU to compensate for manufacturing differences of the injectors making sure that the delivery quantities allow for smooth running. Failure to code in the injectors can cause a number of issues.

  • Inefficient performance
  • Non-start of vehicle
  • Poor or lumpy running
  • Diagnostics/re-coding errors (in some vehicles)
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Commercial injectors

At our innovative workshop we have a state-of-the-art ERAGON suite, which is the most advanced commercial diesel injection test and repair platform in the industry. This suite is capable of testing a range of commercial injector applications. Understanding the pressures that the commercial industry puts on users, we’re dedicated to offering our customers with 100% accurate and reliable diagnosis of all fuel injection units we analyse.

Did you know – in the time it takes you to blink once, a common rail injector would have injected 200 times? The injection takes place in just 1 to 2 milliseconds.

Looking for Technical help? Check out our Guides section for more helpful hints and tips.

Diesel Injector Repairs Suite OREGAN Suite | United
Diesel Injector Repair | United

The ERAGON suite allows for:

  • Test pressure capabilities to 2650 Bar, as required by the latest injector applications
  • PDF printable results, initial diagnostic, and final test reports, plus coding analysis
  • Coding capability for Delphi, Denso, Bosch IMA, Bosch Pieso ISA and Siemens VDO injectors
  • Testing of injectors with O.E. original drive profiles allowing for more accurate results
  • Results to OE specifications and not after-market standards
  • Testing capabilities of the latest CRIN 4.2 double coil Bosch, CAT C4 and Cummins XPI, HPI and DAF smart injection systems
  • Piezo solenoid testing, burst, refill, dynamic capacitor and lift results
  • Coil inductance, lift resistance and isolation tests

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Kartmanz W
Kartmanz W
17:42 18 May 22
Excellent family run business, very helpful and knowledgeable, highly recommended if you have any problems with your injectors, fuel pumps, dpf or even turbos now.
Lee Bowker
Lee Bowker
11:43 06 Apr 22
amazing company very helpful great work ethic and customer service 100%sent details of installation of injectors which is a great help would highly recommend them
Cameron Cumming
Cameron Cumming
12:46 23 Feb 22
'While you wait' service on a DPF clean, really professional and knowledgeable team. Excellent service.
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Commercial Diesel Injector Repair | United

Diesel Injector Repair Service

Experiencing an issue with your vehicle and not seeing an answer with your diagnosis? With our diesel injector repair service, we can test your injectors using the latest technology. We offer a specialist repair service for all types of engines including automotive, commercial, agriculture, plant and marine.

Diesel Pump Repair | United

Diesel Pump Repair Service

Diesel pumps are the key to a diesel vehicle’s performance. Following advancements in mechanics, the sophistication and complexity of diesel fuel injection pumps has naturally advanced. Producing fuel pressure and volume, diesel pumps are the catalyst to controlling electrically controlled injectors and fuel delivery, so repair is crucial to performance.

Turbocharger Repair | United

Turbocharger Repair Service

Not all turbochargers need to be replaced when they fail – with the right inspection process, many turbochargers can be repaired back to top performance. Using industry standard processes and technology, we test, repair, and replace turbochargers, completing rigorous inspection, cleaning, and testing.

DPF Cleaning Service | United

DPF/CAT/SCR Cleaning

Utilising our market leading technology, we can provide professional cleaning, regeneration, and repair of all exhaust filters for automotives, commercial, plant and agricultural vehicles. Regular cleaning of exhaust filters improves engine performance and reduce future damage and costs.

Petrol Fuel Injectors Repairs | United

Petrol Injector Repair Service

In addition to diesel injectors, we also have extensive experience in cleaning and flow testing petrol fuel injectors. Our cleaning and repair service is just a fraction of the cost of a new fuel injector, restoring your component. This is available for vehicles used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, motorcycles and marine.

Car Performance Upgrades | United

Performance Upgrades

Want to increase the drivability and performance of your vehicle? We can accelerate your vehicle into overdrive! We specialise in modifying, calibrating, and supplying high-performance diesel and petrol injection components that are designed to meet the varied demands of the racing & performance markets.

Cat HEUI Injector Repairs | United Performance

Cat HEUI Injector Repairs

Don’t let failing Cat HEUI injectors sideline your vehicle. United Performance offers a fast, cost-effective solution to maximise the performance of your vehicle and ensure its output is optimised.

DAF Common Rail Injector Repair | United Performance

DAF Common Rail Injector Repair

We’re here to get your DAF truck running like new again with our advanced DAF Common Rail Injector Repair Service. We’re committed to using the latest technology, to guarantee OE quality repairs.

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