DPF/CAT/SCR Cleaning Service

Using our market leading technology, we provide professional testing, cleaning and regeneration of all exhaust filters for automotives, commercial, plant and agricultural vehicles. Regular cleaning of exhaust filters improves engine performance and reduce future damage and costs – and we can do it all at our dedicated workshop, based in Shrewsbury.

DPF Cleaning Service | United

Market-leading DPF cleaning 

All diesel vehicles will come with a diesel particle filter (DPF). Located within the exhaust system, these filters are crucial to vehicles of this calibre due to the build-up of soot that can accumulate. There are two types of filters – one with an additive, and one without but for a vehicle to operate without an additive, it must be placed close to the engine. Regular maintenance and cleaning of a DPF is crucial to keep the filter clear, flush out soot and debris and reduce the chances of a blockage – which could cause further mechanical issues with the engine down the line.

We offer a professional DPF filter cleaning service that regenerates and repairs exhaust filters. What sets us apart is the technology we use within this service. In fact, our regeneration process achieves 98% of the original condition of the filter, with certified results. Our technology is different from any other as it allows us to regenerate a wide range of units.

Units we repair:

  • ATS: Exhaust after-treatment system
  • DOC: Diesel oxidation catalyst
  • DPF: Diesel particulate filter
  • SCR: Selective catalytic reduction
  • ASC: Ammonia slip catalyst

Understanding DPF filter cleaning & regeneration

Accurate DPF filter diagnosis is crucial to identifying the best solution for the fault. Analysing vehicle mileage and other available diagnostic data can help determine whether the DPF requires a regeneration or removal and cleaning. Wherever possible, replacing a DPF filter should be a last resort, but this can often be the resolution if you don’t work with a supplier who is adept in diesel engines (like us!).

Understanding what is blocking your DPF requires experience. Soot and ash are commonly found in a DPF but as they are different materials, they need to be dealt with differently. Regeneration is typically used to remove soot, which is burnt by the process. For ash, as it’s incombustible, it can only be removed through professional cleaning of the DPF. We use a Flash Cleaning technology which is different to any other cleaning solution on the market as it allows us to clean all kinds of particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction units (SCR) used in cars (Euro 6 included), buses, trucks and plant vehicles.

The importance of DPF cleaning

DPF’s are an important element of a diesel engine and failure to regularly clean or replace blocked exhaust filters can result in poor engine performance, an increase in fuel consumption (and therefore money!) and it can cause engine management warnings. All of these things combined can result in not only a large and expensive repair bill, but downtime of your vehicle. If your engine is within a commercial vehicle this can have massive repercussions on your operational productivity.

DPF-CAT-SCR Cleaning Importance | United
DPF-CAT-SCR Cleaning Benefits | United

Benefits of keeping your DPF clean:

  • Save money by not having to replace the unit
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduce downtime as this can be completed in a matter of hours
  • Boosted engine performance
  • Reduce future damage and need for replacement
  • Improved filter efficiency
  • Extinguish engine management warning lights

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Kartmanz W
Kartmanz W
17:42 18 May 22
Excellent family run business, very helpful and knowledgeable, highly recommended if you have any problems with your injectors, fuel pumps, dpf or even turbos now.
Lee Bowker
Lee Bowker
11:43 06 Apr 22
amazing company very helpful great work ethic and customer service 100%sent details of installation of injectors which is a great help would highly recommend them
Cameron Cumming
Cameron Cumming
12:46 23 Feb 22
'While you wait' service on a DPF clean, really professional and knowledgeable team. Excellent service.
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At our dedicated workshop in Shrewsbury, we provide professional, efficient and expert testing and restoration services. We’re known for our fast and efficient service but we never sacrifice the quality of our service.

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