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With four generations of experience in the diesel fuel injection industry, we have the knowledge and passion to give you an unparalleled service. United has been formed from humble beginnings dating back to 1915 and since then, we’ve followed the same approach to ensure we always provide the highest quality service to all our customers.

Diesel Fuel Injection Specialists | United

Family business with you, our customer, at heart

We’re proud to be a family business, passing down our knowledge and skills generation to generation. By not being a typically corporate business, we’re truly authentic, working collectively as a team towards the same goal of providing our customers with the best possible service. We’ve been in the business for 30 years, but with 4 generations in the business, we hold over 60 years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to the industry.


years of experience


hour job turnaround time

Flexible, personal service at all levels

Providing a personal service is top of our priority as a business – and this is regardless of ranking or job role. We share the work amongst our whole team – Directors included – so our customers get full exposure to the level of experience we have as a company, whilst also ensuring queries are solved successfully – and fast! We understand our customers also need a service that works to the demands of their business, so we offer flexibility with collection and delivery available on all parts.

Personal Service | United

Want to join the team?

We’re always on the lookout for new members to join our crew. If you’re looking for a new role in a future-focused environment (and with a fun bunch of people), get in touch.

Diesel Injector Specialist | United

Future-focused business that still goes back to basics

We’re always investing in the latest equipment and researching into the latest technologies to ensure we can continue to build on our diesel fuel injection services, skills, processes, and overall knowledge. But unlike some businesses, we don’t rely on technology – we rely on our years of experience. We know when it’s time to go back to basics, looking at the fundamentals of an engine to troubleshoot, spot issues and create a plan for a solution to the problem.

Fast service that doesn’t compromise on quality

One thing we’re known for is our fast, efficient service. In fact, we often blow our clients away with how fast our turnaround time is, with most jobs completed in 2-48 hours (we know, it’s pretty impressive!). But although we’re efficient, we never compromise or sacrifice the quality of the service we provide. All parts and jobs are given the same level of attention and dedication, which helps us continue to be a reputable leader in our field.

Fast Quality Service | United



We promise to always have a completely open and honest relationship with our customers. We don’t confuse with jargon, we’re up front in what we say and ensure customers always have the full truth about their parts. We’ll never fault a part simply to make money and in the event we can’t repair a part, we’ll be honest, sourcing replacement components and ensuring your needs are fulfilled.



We have an environmental conscience - doing our part to protect the environment is high on our agenda. With every job we take, we not only want to improve performance for the benefit of our customer and their vehicle – but also to reduce emissions to do our part for the carbon footprint. And we want others to do the same. We take what we know and educate as far as is possible to become a true spokesperson for our industry.



Our Services

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Commercial Diesel Injector Repair | United

Diesel Injector Repair Service

Experiencing an issue with your vehicle and not seeing an answer with your diagnosis? With our diesel injector repair service, we can test your injectors using the latest technology. We offer a specialist repair service for all types of engines including automotive, commercial, agriculture, plant and marine.

Diesel Pump Repair | United

Diesel Pump Repair Service

Diesel pumps are the key to a diesel vehicle’s performance. Following advancements in mechanics, the sophistication and complexity of diesel fuel injection pumps has naturally advanced. Producing fuel pressure and volume, diesel pumps are the catalyst to controlling electrically controlled injectors and fuel delivery, so repair is crucial to performance.

Turbocharger Repair | United

Turbocharger Repair Service

Not all turbochargers need to be replaced when they fail – with the right inspection process, many turbochargers can be repaired back to top performance. Using industry standard processes and technology, we test, repair, and replace turbochargers, completing rigorous inspection, cleaning, and testing.

DPF Cleaning Service | United

DPF/CAT/SCR Cleaning

Utilising our market leading technology, we can provide professional cleaning, regeneration, and repair of all exhaust filters for automotives, commercial, plant and agricultural vehicles. Regular cleaning of exhaust filters improves engine performance and reduce future damage and costs.

Petrol Fuel Injectors Repairs | United

Petrol Injector Repair Service

In addition to diesel injectors, we also have extensive experience in cleaning and flow testing petrol fuel injectors. Our cleaning and repair service is just a fraction of the cost of a new fuel injector, restoring your component. This is available for vehicles used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, motorcycles and marine.

Car Performance Upgrades | United

Performance Upgrades

Want to increase the drivability and performance of your vehicle? We can accelerate your vehicle into overdrive! We specialise in modifying, calibrating, and supplying high-performance diesel and petrol injection components that are designed to meet the varied demands of the racing & performance markets.

Cat HEUI Injector Repairs | United Performance

Cat HEUI Injector Repairs

Don’t let failing Cat HEUI injectors sideline your vehicle. United Performance offers a fast, cost-effective solution to maximise the performance of your vehicle and ensure its output is optimised.

DAF Common Rail Injector Repair | United Performance

Euro 6 Common Rail Injector Repair

We’re here to get your truck running like new again with our advanced Common Rail Injector Repair Service. We’re committed to using the latest technology, to guarantee OE quality repairs.

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