High performance fuel delivery for any industry

As the primary purpose of a diesel fuel injector is to deliver fuel to the cylinders of a diesel or petrol engine, it’s no wonder that they are crucial to vehicles used within a wide range of industries. The advantage of being in the industry for four generations is that we have the experience and knowledge of working units from the 1950’s to present day. Whether you’re refurbishing an old tractor, or need to keep your daily works vehicle running, we can help.

The fundamentals vehicle to vehicle may be the same, but the difference is that based on the type of vehicle and purpose, the performance of the engine, the type and volume of emissions and different characteristics that signal a fault will all differ.

With our years of experience, we can identify faults for vehicles used within a wide range of industries and provide the same quality of customer service, cleaning, and repair to ensure optimised engine power and performance.