BMW Performance Diesel Injectors

We supply a wide range of BMW performance diesel injectors and kits. In addition to supplying high-performance injectors, our service also includes the cleaning and calibration of injectors, as well as upgrades to injectors using the latest calibration technics and products.


We stock a variety of kits and components for BMW diesel injectors at our dedicated workshop in Shrewsbury but if your needs are more unique, or you don’t see your requirements listed below, get in touch. We have access to thousands of parts and up-rated performance injectors for various diesel engines. Some injectors are a simple installation to see an increase in power and torque, whilst others are designed for the avid tuner who is looking for more engine modifications.

BMW M57 Bosch (Solenoid) Injectors

Technical Specification

A fully reconditioned, genuine Bosch injector engineered to performance specifications. Part is assembled to specific nozzle opening pressures, calibrated and balanced to achieve optimum fuel deliveries. All injectors are supplied with performance/test reports and a set of new fitment seals. Injector part numbers 0445 110 047 / 0445 110 216 / 0445 110 209 / 0445 110 219.

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As part of your performance engine build, our bespoke up-rated injectors offer the following:

  • Stage 1 delivers 8.6% more flow than stock injectors.
  • Stage 2 delivers 53% more flow than stock injectors.
  • Stage 3 delivers 83% more flow than stock injectors.

Injector delivery charts are available which will help your mapper determine duration tables.

  • Stage 1 is a “plug and play” injector and does not need a mapping chart. These come with new trim codes that will have to be programmed into the ECU.
  • Stages 2 & 3 will be supplied with a mapping chart; your tuner will need this information to do the necessary mapping.

Power achievable is subject to the correct build and re-mapping.

Stage 1
Send in your units for up-grading
£168.00 (inc. VAT)
Pay the refundable core surcharge
£216.00 (inc. VAT)
Stage 2
Send in your units for up-grading
£288.00 (inc. VAT)
Pay the refundable core surcharge
£336.00 (inc. VAT)
Stage 3
Send in your units for up-grading
£336.00 (inc. VAT)
Pay the refundable core surcharge
£384.00 (inc. VAT)

On return of all original injectors, we’ll credit you £48.00 each, subject to our terms and conditions.

Looking for a specific part?

If you need a specific component, or are unsure what part you need, get in touch with the team today.

Understanding our pricing

Send in your units for upgrading

This is the price if you send in your fuel injectors to us for an upgrade. When sending units to us, please include a note within the parcel so we know the units have come from you and include your contact details. The turnaround time for upgraded injectors is usually 3-4 days.

Pay the refundable core surcharge

This is the cost for us to send you injectors when you return your original units. Units that conform with our terms & conditions will result in a credit being passed onto you as a core surcharge. When providing this service, we need the same part number you receive so it is like-for-like.

Specialist services

At our dedicated workshop in Shrewsbury, we provide professional, efficient and expert testing and restoration services. We’re known for our fast and efficient service but we never sacrifice the quality of our service.

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