Pump Failure Bosch CP4

The application of Bosch CP4 high-pressure pumps to some engines are experiencing costly repairs due to failures resulting in the destruction of the injectors and the contaminating of the complete fuel system.

We recommend that should the pump display signs of swarf or metal filings:

  • Remove the pump and injectors and send them to us for checking.
  • Also, send us the injector pipes and rail for ultra-sonic cleaning.
  • Remove and thoroughly clean all fuel supply and return pipes.
  • Remove and thoroughly clean the fuel tank and fuel sender unit.
  • Replace the in-tank fuel supply pump.
  • Replace the fuel filter with an O.E. unit and clean the filter housing assembly.
  • When replacing all the components flush everything out with clean diesel before connecting the injector pipes.
  • Unfortunately, there are no short cuts and failing to do all of this at the same time, or only part of the process will result in injector/pump failure again.

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