Delphi DFi1.5 Common Rail Injector Bleeding Procedure.


Some Delphi Common Rail Injectors have reported to “fail” on fitment. This can be due to continuous control valve movement before diesel has sufficiently lubricated the moving surfaces of the internal components. Generally, the engine will start and run for a few seconds, cut out, and then be unable to start again.

The following procedure should be followed to prevent control valve seizure:

  1. Fit injectors to the vehicle, observing all cleanliness and torque setting requirements.
  2. Fitting new or very well-cleaned HP Pipes.
  3. Leaving all injector electrical plugs disconnectedcrank the engine for 7-10 seconds.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds; this prevents the overheating of the electrical components.
  5. Crank for a further 7-10 seconds.
  6. Connect injector drive cables and crank to start the engine.
  7. Hold at about 2500 RPM when the engine fires, and keep it there for 3-5 minutes.


In addition to the above procedure, all open fuel connections and galleries must be capped to prevent dirt ingress and minimize unnecessary fluid losses from the fuel system.

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